Dimensions Healthcare System’s (DHS) top priority is to provide safe, quality patient care.

We believe that the best way to provide a safe patient environment is to have the flexibility to manage staffing based on unit census, patient acuity, the skill and experience level of caregivers and other relevant factors affecting any particular shift or unit. Flexible staffing is increasingly important as DHS works to more effectively manage its priorities as government and commercial reimbursements continue to decline.

DHS’ position regarding staffing, as presented to SEIU, is to help avoid staffing shortages resulting from unexpected patient census changes, unforeseen patient needs and/or an increase in staff absenteeism or illness.

We have proposed contract language that:

  • 1. Allows DHS to send staff home when patient volumes fail to meet census staffing levels as mandated in the current contract, and
  • 2. Removes current contract language that will help DHS manage workplace productivity and long-term care costs.
By having this flexibility to more effectively manage our workforce and shift resources as necessary, we believe we will be better able to serve our patients and provide the level of care they expect at Dimensions Healthcare System.

Who We Are

Created in 1982, Dimensions Healthcare System is an integrated not-for-profit, community-owned organization providing comprehensive, quality healthcare services to the residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland and surrounding areas. read more →